Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Erik Gunden

Yellow was a member of a three-man biker gang operating in Spain in 1986, even though none of them appeared to be Spanish. Like his cohorts, Black and Red, he was only adressed by the color of his helmet.

They were hired by wealthy businessman Enrique Sandoval to scare the De La Torres family off their farm so they would sell it to Sandoval. The family was unaware that their land was right on top of the richest copper mine in all of Spain.

Yellow, who was recognizable by his yellow motorcycle helmet, was the tallest and strongest of the three bikers.


  • All three of the biker gang members were voiced by Lou Scheimer (credited on screen as Erik Gunden).


Yellow first appeared in the episode The Ghost Of Don Quixote.


The Ghost Of Don Quixote


Biker Gang through the door

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