Witch of Salem
Witch of Salem close-up
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Linda Gary

Prime Evil ordered the Witch of Salem to scare Corky, Bones and Hermie Winslow at a haunted house in Salem, Massachusetts to bait a trap for the Ghostbusters. When the Ghostbusters entered the Haunted House, Prime Evil told Brat-A-Rat to switch on the Scareway and send the Ghostbusters back into the past, to 1692, the year of the Great Witch Hunt.

Personality Edit

The Witch had a pet salamander that was usually perched on her arm or her hand.

Appearance Edit

History Edit

The Witch of Salem first appeared in Witch's Stew


Witch's Stew

Trivia Edit


Witch of Salem
Witch of Salem close-up
Witch vs Ghostbusters

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