Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Alan Oppenheimer

Voodun the Voodoo monster lived in and protected the African forests. Voodun did not need to breath as he was made of stone. He posessed several magical jungle powers, including the ability to disguise himself as a tree.

When construction workers began to tear down a substancial area of the forest to build a luxury hotel, Voodun came out of the jungle to halt the construction. The Ghostbusters were called in to bust Voodun, but found there Ghost Dematerializers did not work on him as he was not a ghost. Simultaniously, Prime Evil sent part of his Legion of Evil to capture Voodun so he could have his jungle powers for himself.

Eddie Spenser Jr. accidentally got himself handcuffed to Voodun with Tracy the Gorilla's new Ghost Cuffs. Now that they were stuck, the two adversaries learned to appreciate each other more. When Voodun found a hiding place at the bottom of the river, he forgot that, unlike him, Eddie could not survive without air. So Voodun carried Eddie out of the water, giving himself up so that Jake Kong Jr. could perform CPR on his Ghostbuster buddy. In return, Eddie saved Voodun from a sleep ray shot from Haunter's Stun-bolt crossbow.

Eddie came up with an idea to let the construction workers build around the natural beauty of the forest instead of destroying it, by letting Voodun become the project's new hotel manager. Now dressed in a white suit and sunglasses, Voodun was no longer alone and happy to have saved the forest.


Voodun made his only appearance in the episode The Bind That Ties.


The deviant ones
Hotel Manager

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