Vehicles: Ghostbusters Action Figures
Description of Image The line of Vehicles from the Filmation Ghostbusters Series
Part of the Line Schaper/Tyco Ghostbusters Toy Line
For Promoting Ghostbusters Animated Series
Produced by Schaper
Features Action Figures

Vehicles: Ghostbusters Action Figures (Part of the Schaper/Tyco Ghostbusters Toy Line), and are loosely based off Ghostbusters Animated Series. It is noted that out of the three vehicles, the Ghost Buggy is very hard to find, and many thought it was never released.

This line had three vehicles including Ghost Buggy, Time Hopper, and Scare Scooter. Like all toys in this filmation toy line, all three of these toys are based off of vehicles.

Toy DescriptionsEdit

Ghost BuggyEdit

Ghost Buggy

Time HopperEdit

Time Hopper

Scare ScooterEdit

Scare Scooter

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