Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Susan Blu

Vampra was a female vampire and consort to Victor. When the two of them were summoned by Prime Evil they arrived late, because they never travel during the day. Prime Evil wanted them to make sure the Moon Bloom project on Moon Base Alpha in the year 2186 would not come to fruition.

After arriving at the moon base, the vampires gave themselves a healthier, more human looking disguise and called themselves the 'Drackels'. However, ten year old Keyta, the daughter of the Mayor of Moon Base Alpha had seen them arrive and tried to warn her father and the visiting Ghostbusters and Futura. Unfortunately, nobody except Eddie Spenser Jr. believed Keyta because she had already set off a false alarm earlier.


Vampra's character model is a reuse of the character Bella La Ghostly from Filmations' 1970 Groovie Goolies TV series. Vampra's bat form is also a reuse from the Groovie Goolies, although in that series only Drac (who's character model is reused for Victor was able to turn himself into a bat.


Vampra makes her only appearance in the episode The Girl Who Cried Vampire.


The Girl Who Cried Vampire


Victor and Vampra
Meet the Drackels

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