Underwater Octopus Apparition
Underwater Octopus Apparition
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Lou Scheimer

The Underwater Octopus Apparition was one of Prime Evil's 'pets' that he would order to do his evil bidding. When Prime Evil had stolen the Statue of Liberty and hidden it in an underwater cave, he conjured up the presence of the Underwater Octopus Apparition to guard it and prevent the Ghostbusters from entering the cave.

Although the giant octopus scared off the Ghostbusters at first, they refused to give up. Diving into the water a second time, they brought along Tracy the Gorilla's latest invention, the Ghost Gummer, which in this early version was held up by a standard. The Underwater Octopus Apparition evaded the blast from the Ghost Gummer by hiking up it's eight legs, but the blast kept bouncing around the cave until Jake Kong Jr. hit it with a baseball bat and scored a direct hit on both the Octopus and Prime Evil, who had lowered their defences owing to an uncontrolable fit of laughter on the Octopus' part.

Much later, Prime Evil had Tracy the Gorilla kidnapped so he could change his memories using his Memory Controller. One of the memories in questoin was the encounter with the Octopus Apparition. This time, when the Ghost Gummer blast bounced back towards the Ghostbusters, they were unable to duck out of it's way and got struck by the gum themselves. However, Jake managed to intervene and use the Memory Controller to chance Tracy's memories back to normal.

Personality Edit

Although he is a fearsome monster, the Octopus is prone to fits of laughter.

Appearance Edit

History Edit

The Underwater Octopus Apparition first appeared in Statue of Liberty.


Statue of Liberty

Tracy Come Back (flashback only) (footage from Statue of Liberty)

Trivia Edit


Underwater Octopus Apparition
Filmation Octopus

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