Trance Lance

puts victims under a sleeping trance

Trance Lance
Appeared in Ghostbusters

The Trance Lance was the personal weapon of Sir Trancelot. With it, he could fire a trance ray which would instantly put a person under a sleeping trance when hit.


In the episodes My Present To The Future and Inside Out, Sir Trancelot fires a sleeping spell from his hand to put people to sleep, proving that he doesn't actually need to use his Trance lance for his signature move at all.


The Trance Lance was first used by Sir Trancelot in the episode I'll Be A Son of a Ghostbuster.


I'll Be A Son of a Ghostbuster (Part I)

Frights of the Roundtable (Part II)

No Pharaoh At All (Part III)

The Ones Who Saved The Future (Part V)

The Haunting Of Gizmo


That's No Alien

Like Father Like Son



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