Train To Doom-De-Doom-Doom
Episode Number Dvd 39
Production Number 68039
Directed By Lou Kachivas
Written By Rowby Goren
Date First Aired 10/30/1986
Animation Company Filmation

Train To Doom-De-Doom-Doom


Jake Kong Jr.

Eddie Spenser Jr.

Tracy the Gorilla

Ghost Buggy

Prince Otis

Duke Fenwick

Mountain Spirit



Prime Evil

Belfry (moral only)

Ghost Command ItemsEdit


Dead Letter File



Equipment UsedEdit

Ghost Dematerializer

Freeze-O-Matic A handheld version of the Fright Freezer--looks an awful lot like a He-Man gun.

Super Duper Scooper


Tower of London, London, England

Haunted Mountain

Kingdom of Petronia

Plot Edit


  • When Haunter and Mysteria fly away in Haunter's helmet for the second time, Haunter is wearing the Petronian crown when he takes off the helmet, but not when siting inside it.
  • The Orient Express was also featured in the episode Runaway Choo Choo. The two passengers who resemble Mysteria and Haunter were on board in that episode as well.


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