Tracy Come Back
Episode Number Dvd 42
Production Number 68042
Directed By Rich Trueblood
Written By Don Heckman
Date First Aired 11/04/1986
Animation Company Filmation

Tracy Come Back


Jake Kong Jr.

Eddie Spenser Jr.

Tracy the Gorilla

Ghost Buggy

Prime Evil


Long John Scarechrome


Scared Stiff

Madame Why

Corky (flashback only) (footage from The Fourth Ghostbuster) (non-speaking role)

Tony (flashback only) (footage from The Fourth Ghostbuster) (non-speaking role)

Jessica Wray (flashback only) (footage from The Fourth Ghostbuster)

Underwater Octopus Apparition (flashback only) (footage from Statue of Liberty)

Great Ghost Gorilla (flashback only) (footage from The Great Ghost Gorilla)

Ghost Command ItemsEdit

Skelevision (moral only)


Equipment UsedEdit

Ghost Dematerializer

Ghost Gummer

Bone Troller (flashback only) (footage from The Fourth Ghostbuster)

Ghost Duster (flashback only) (footage from The Fourth Ghostbuster)

Memory Controller

Fright Freezer

Geebee Finder


Madame Why's Wagon



Ghost Command

Plot Edit

Prime Evil kidnaps Tracy and uses a machine to replace the memories Tracy has of saving the day with doctored ones where he fails.


  • The transformation sequence is altered because Tracy has been kidnapped. Jake and Eddie don't do a high five, but shout 'Lets go, Ghostbusters' while running towards the Skelevator. The button pushing sequence is missing and of course so is the part with Tracy pulling the cord and joining the guys in jumping down the chute.
  • Writer Don Heckman had earlier written an episode of Filmation's She-Ra, Princess of Power with a similar concept called 'The Time Transformer'. This story also featured flashbacks to earlier episodes which were altered to make the bad guys seem triumphant.


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