Tracy's Backpack

Holds Equipment and Items

Tracy's Backpack
Appeared in Ghostbusters

Tracy's Backpack was a larger backpack than the regular Ghostpacks. Because Tracy the Gorilla was much stronger than Jake Kong Jr. and Eddie Spenser Jr., he was able to carry even more equipment with him. In fact, Tracy was hardly ever seen without it.

From the outside it looked like a regular mountaineers backpack, since it did not feature the Ghostbusters Logo. But the inside of the pack was even more extensive than the regular Ghostpack, for Tracy carried many items with him which Jake and Eddie did not. On some occasions he was even known to carry his latest inventions with him, such as the Automatic Bananapeeler.

The backpack also held several lesser seen inventions Tracy had made to capture ghosts, such as the Spirit Shackles and larger items that the other Ghostbusters were simply unable to carry, such as the Portable Skelevator/Transformation Chamber.


Tracy back view
Contents from Tracy's backpack

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