Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Susan Blu

Tony was a one of Corky's friends. When Corky tried to impress Tony by telling him he had become an 'Honorary Ghostbuster', Tony demanded proof. Visiting Ghost Command while the Ghostbusters were out wasn't exciting enough for Tony, so Corky went as far as to 'borrow' Ghost Buggy for a trip to Hauntquarters.

Once there, Prime Evil set the Terrible Three (Beast, Beetle and Beak) after the two boys, for he knew that the older Ghostbusters would come to rescue the boys, which indeed they did.

Once they were safely back at Ghost Command, the two boys promised to mend their ways and were both promised a Junior Ghostbuster Badge, but only after they had cleaned up Ghost Buggy's garage.


Tony makes his first appearance in a flashback during the episode Tracy Come Back. However, this footage is taken from the episode The Fourth Ghostbuster, the only proper appearance of Tony, even though this episode appears much later in the production order as shown on the DVD boxed set.


Tracy Come Back (flashback only) (footage from The Fourth Ghostbuster) (non-speaking role)

The Fourth Ghostbuster


GeeBee jacking
Tony and Beetle

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