The Countess
The Countess of Transylvania
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Susan Blu

The Countess of Transylvania was the beloved, peaceful ruler of Transylvania in the year 1986. When passing the infamous Castle Dracula, the Countess and her chauffeur, Joseph came upon a broken down car. The owner of the car revealed himself to be Count Dracula, who captured the Countess and her chauffeur and turned them into his slaves. As part of his plan to take back Transylvania, the two human slaves were kept in standing coffins inside Castle Dracula, ready to do the Count's bidding.

Dracula managed to put TV reporter Jessica Wray under his spell as well, but she eventually managed to resist his power and together with the Ghostbusters, defeated the vampire count. Once they were victorious, both The Countess and Joseph were freed from the spell and returned to their senses.


The Countess first appeared in the episode Shades Of Dracula.


Shades Of Dracula


The Countess of Transylvania
Slaves of Dracula

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