The Canterville Ghost
Episode Number Dvd 03
Production Number 83003
Date First Aired 09/20/1975

The Canterville Ghost was an episode of The Ghost Busters.


Jake Kong

Eddie Spenser

Tracy the Gorilla

Carola de Canterville

Simon de Canterville

Mr. C



Carla de Canterville comes to the Ghost Busters for help in exorcizing the ghost of her ancestor, Simon de Canterville, who's terrified of living in the old castle and would be all too happy to go to the Great Beyond. Meanwhile Mr. C, international jewel thief, is searching the castle looking for the priceless Canterville diamond.


The title and some of the storyline are derived from an an Oscar Wilde short story.

Zero's message gets sent in the form of a potted plant; Tracy plucks a flower from one of the stems to start the message.


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