Temple of the Diamond of Gloom
Temple of the Diamond of Gloom
Appeared in Ghostbusters

The Temple of the Diamond of Gloom was a hidden jungle temple where the cursed Diamond of Gloom was kept save. A prophesy read that if the Diamond was not present at the Temple during the full moon, the entire world would be cursed.

When Professor Von Ziflin managed to find the lost Temple, Haunter followed him and stole the Diamond of Gloom for himself. It took great effort on the part of the Ghostbusters, the Professor and Jessica Wray to return the cursed diamond in time. In the end, it was a small monkey nicknamed Tracy Jr. who actually put the diamond back in it's place, just in time before the full moon set, thereby saving the entire world.

Immediately after that, the entire Temple was swallowed up by the earth it stood on, making sure that nobody could ever be cursed by the diamond inside it again.


The Temple of the Diamond of Gloom first appeared in the episode The Curse Of The Diamond Of Gloom.

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