Tanya makes a point
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Linda Gary

Tanya was a young gypsy fortune teller living in ancient Rome. She saved the live of Caesar by warning him not to cross a bridge and as a reward, was given Golden Wreath.

When Tanya saw in the cards that they would be treated like kings in Rome, her family decided to move there. She also predicted that Caesar and his entire army would not survive crossing the old bridge into Rome and went to warn him.

At that time, one of her descendants, Madame Why, travelled back in time along with the Ghostbusters and joined Tanya as she confronted mighty Caesar. But Caesar did not trust fortune tellers and had all of them arrested.

That night, Tanya's prediction came true and the bridge collapsed and fell into the river before Caesar crossed it. Thankful, Caesar released Tanya and the others from prison and presented Tanya with a Gold Wreath with magic powers that Cleopatra of Egypt had given to him.

However, Brat-A-Rat and Scared Stiff had also been sent back in time to steal the wreath from Tanya so it would not become a family heirloom. The wreath fell into the hands of a Roman Centurion, who decided that the Golden wreath would be the first prize in a chariot race at Circus Maximus.

Tracy the Gorilla converted the Gypsy Family Wagon into a chariot of sorts so they could compete. They were up against another ghost agent of Prime Evil called Marcus Phantomus, who had the fasted chariot in the ancient world pulled by robot horses. Tracy manged to deflect one of Phantomus' zap-ray's and reflected it to hit the robot horses.

Tanya and the Ghostbusters came in first place and had the wreath returned to them by Caesar himself, who commented that he recognized it.

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Tanya first appeared in the episode Ghostbunglers.



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Tanya makes a point
Tanya Golden Wreath
Chariot Racebusters
Tanya takes the reigns

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