Susan Blu
Birth On October 30, 1948
Character Portrayed Jessica Wray
Episode(s) Ghostbusters-All
External Link IMDb

Susan Blu, sometimes credited as Sue Blu, is an American voice actress, voice director, and casting director in American and Canadian cinema and television. She most notably voiced the beautiful Autobot Arcee in the original Transformers movie and also in Seasons 3 and 4 of the Transformers, and is also well-known for playing the roles of both Misfit Stormer and Lindsay Pierce in the '80s animated series Jem & the Holograms. She has patented the "Susan Blu" technique in an improvisation popular with voice actors today.

Ghostbusters RelatedEdit

Susan Blu is the voice actress who voiced the beautiful blue-eyed newswoman Jessica Wray with rosey red hair flipped-hairstyle, the sexy Futura the indigo-skinned woman and Belfry the friendly bat from Ghostbusters.

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Official Site for Susan Blu

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