Super Duper Scooper

To scoop snow

Super Duper Snow Scooper
Appeared in Ghostbusters

The Super Duper Scooper, sometimes referred to as Super Duper Snow Scooper, was one of Ghost Buggy's attachments. It was usually employed in combination with GB's ski-mode on snowy grounds. Alternatively, the Scooper could be used in when Buggy was in train mode, using excisting train tracks to move about on.

When the Ghostbusters found themselves chased by a Ghost Dragon on the North Pole, Jessica Wray ordered GB to uses his Super Duper Snow Scooper to make a giant snowball that could engulve the dragon, at least momentarilly.

While traveling to Petronia, the Ghostbusters decided to take a short cut through Haunted Mountain. GB was ordered to use the Scooper to tunnel straight through the Mountain itself and even underground. To do so, a transparent cover was erected over the passenger seats to protects the inhabitants and driver. Along the way, the Ghostbusters discovered that Haunted Mountain was almost solid gold, and that the Kingdom of Petronia was much richer than it's ruler, Prince Otis, thought.



The Super Duper Scooper was first used in the epsiode No Mo' Snow.


No Mo' Snow

Train To Doom-De-Doom-Doom


Scooper Deploy
Super Duper Scooper on track

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