Stone Warriors
Stone Warrior
Appeared in Ghostbusters

The Stone Warriors were part of an army consisting of more than 7.000 stone statues placed at the Great Wall of China near the tomb of Qin Shi Huang, the First Emperor of China.

The Sleeping Dragon, who is the immortal soul transfiguration of Qin Shi Huang, was awakened after Haunter, aided by Ghoul-Aide, Beak and Beetle, stole the dragon jewel. His first act was to bring the Stone Warriors of the Great Wall of China to life to do his bidding and go forth and avenge him.

The Stone Warriors began to freeze tourists on the Great Wall into stone, emiting freeze-rays from their swords. Jessica Wray and Futura called the Ghostbusters for help, but Jake and Eddie were soon turned into stone as well. Jessica, Futura and Tracy very carefully awoke the Dragon to ask him to turn all the stone victims back to flesh and bone.

Not trusting any humans, the Dragon challenged the two females and the gorilla to pass three tests. If they failed, they would be turned to stone as well. In each case, one of the three faced a Stone Warrior. Tracy had to best a Warrior in a feat of stregth, lifting the roof of a temple. Jessica had to jump across a gorge on a stone horse. She ended up saving the Warrior from falling into the gorge. Futura faced a Warrior in a feat of skill, shooting a crossbow. The humans earned the dragon's trust by not resorting to foul play and helping opponents in need.

After the Ghostbusters and friends managed to secure the Jewel, one of the Dragon's Stone Warriors appeared to fetch it, thus ensuring that the Sleeping Dragon could finally have some much needed rest.

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The Stone Warriors first appeared in the episode The Sleeping Dragon.


The Sleeping Dragon

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Dragon wakes his army

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