Appeared in Ghostbusters

StarWing was Galaxy Airlines' new secret, super plane. It was the fastest, most advanced spaceship in the world and could outrun anything in the air. It's purpose was to take passengers on trips to Mars, Venus and the Moon. The ship itself was described as being like a flying city, and came equiped with Electro Magnets to pull in smaller vehicles, a library and a video room.

When Space Command lost contact whith StarWing during it's test flight, Gerald Vincent, President of Galaxy Airlines contacted the Ghostbusters for help. They soon discovered that Prime Evil and his Ghosts had hijacked the StarWing and had taken control of it's Robot Guards.

Although the two robot pilots, GT-7 and GT-6 had managed to hide from Prime Evil in the mail room, Evil soon took control of GT-7 and forced it to pilot the ship. The Ghostbusters defeated Prime Evil by taking advantage of his hot natured temper and saved the StarWing. All of them were rewarded with medals back on Earth by President Vincent.


The StarWing came equiped with an extencive mail room and a well stocked library.


StarWing first appeared in the episode Scareplane.




Starwing Cockpit



Mail Room

Electro caught

Main Hold



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