Appeared in Ghostbusters-Father Knows Beast
Voiced by Peter Cullen

Slort, King of the Trolls, was a busted by the original Ghostbusters (Jake Kong Sr. and Eddie Spenser Sr.) and trapped in an urn in the year 1946. Dougall was present at the time and in the years afterward liked to recount the story of the Ghostbusters and the Troll. This story inspired Dougall's nephew Willy to explore their family castle with his friend Mac. The two boys found the urn and released Slort in the year 1986. Grateful to Willie, Slort vowed to leave the boy alone, but began searching out human victims to turn into members of his troll army. Uncle Dougall became the first member of Slorts troll army.

Slort's goal was to defeat his captors, the Ghostbusters, and then create a troll army with which to take over Scotland. But when the junior Ghostbusters arrived, neither party recognized each other, so Slort turned Tracy the Gorilla into a troll and had Jake, Eddie and Willy thrown into a jail cel.

Finally the real Ghostbusters, Jake and Eddie senior arrived and managed to release the boys, turn Dougall and Tracy back into their usual self and defeat the King of the Trolls once more by sucking him up into the Ecto-Magnetizer.


Slort made his only appearance in the episode Father Knows Beast


Father Knows Beast


He is a mean old Troll with a prediliction for turning people into his troll minions.

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