Sleepy Time Generator

to capture beings in a bubble and put them to sleep

Sleepy Time Generator Tracy
Appeared in Ghostbusters

The Sleepy Time Generator was a device invented by Doctor Morrow in the future. It was a vacuum cleaner like device that roled along on a single wheel and fired off Sleepy Time Bubbles which could capture a person and put the captive to sleep.

When Prime Evil reprogrammed another of Morrow's inventions, the Robollo's, to work for him, they used the Sleepy Time Bubbles to capture their creator, as well as Jake Kong Jr. and Tracy the Gorilla. However, Futura and Eddie Spenser Jr. managed to remain free and used the Sleepy Time Bubbles to capture Fib-Face and Scared Stiff.


The Sleepy Time Generator first appeared in the episode The Haunting Of Gizmo.


Sleepy Time Generator Robollos
Sleepy Time Generator fires
Jake Fuddy Bubble
Fib-Face bubble run

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