Sleeping Goblin
Sleeping Goblin statue
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Peter Cullen

The Sleeping Goblin was a famous statue that was believed to have magical powers. In a daring robbery, Benny and Clyde stole the Sleeping Goblin from the City Museum in broad daylight and escaped into the mountains in a getaway car.

Benny and Clyde hid away in a rundown Old Mill to figure out the statue's power. Benny plotted to take over Hauntquarters with the power of the statue, but Prime Evil was on to him.

Eventually it was Jake Kong Jr. who accidentally awakened the Sleeping Goblin from years of sleep to be his one time servant, when Eddie Spenser Jr. let the statue slip through his fingers. Jake was granted one wish, and thanks to a slip of the tongue, the statue proceeded to turn the entire Hauntquarters upside down.

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History Edit

The Sleeping Goblin statue first appeared in the episode Really Roughing It.


Really Roughing It

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