Appeared in Ghostbusters

The Skelevision is a skull-themed talking Television set in the office of Ghost Command. Usually appears to inform the Ghostbusters about TV news and announcements and is seen almost at the end of every episode to talk about the moral of the episode. Voiced by Lou Scheimer.


Unlike Ghost Buggy or Ansabone, Skelevision is calm, wise and friendly and tend to share lots of good things with Belfry and Jake. His wiser and father figured persona is an example to follow in every aspect.

It's sentience was never revealed if it was an artificial intelligence or being powered by supernatural causes.


  • Skelevision is the Ghostbusters equivalent to Loo-Kee for She-Ra, Princess of Power and Handlebar for Bravestarr, as their bigger roles are mostly in the episodes aftermaths, when talking about the moral for the day (a tradition FILMATION kept until the studio closed).