Appeared in Ghostbusters

The Skelevator is the haunted elevator at Ghost Command. It's main entrance lies hidden behind a secret door and leads to the Secret Transformation Room. The lift also stops down in Ghost Buggy's garage to take the Ghostbusters back to upstairs after returning from a mission.


The inside of the Skelevator comes equiped with a skull who's teeth serve as buttons. The skull occasionally speaks with a female voice and has a playful nature. She occasionally likes to play tricks on the Ghostbusters, like the time she decided not to take them to the 3rd floor, as asked, but to take them to see the full moon from the 35th floor, or 'observation floor', which doesn't even exist. (The Great Ghost Gorilla)


Skelevator was voiced by Erika Scheimer.

The 1970 Filmation cartoon Groovie Goolies featured a different looking elevator that was also called Skelevator.

Tracy carried a Portable Skelevator/Transformation Booth with him in his backpack that Jake and Eddie could use to change into their Ghost hunting outfits. This version was used in the episodes Rollerghoster, The Girl Who Cried Vampire, The Haunted Painting and Pretend Friends.



Skelevator at rest

The Skelevator in action.


Skelevator control panel skull.

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