Sir Trance-a-lot
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Erik Gunden

Sir Trancelot was a skeleton knight whose main power was to put people to sleep using his Trance Lance. He also rode a skeleton horse named Frightmare. Truly "A bad knight to one and all".

Needless to say, his name is based off of Sir Lancelot of Medevial legend.

Personality Edit

He is just as evil a the rest of Prime Evil's minions

Appearance Edit

Sir Trancelot wore a helmet with horns and a red cape. His yellow skull face was similar to Skeletor, but more of a caricature.

History Edit

Sir Trancelot lives in the Middle Ages. Enough said.


I'll Be A Son of a Ghostbuster (Part I)

Frights of the Roundtable (Part II)

No Pharaoh At All (Part III)

The Ones Who Saved The Future (Part V)

The Headless Horseman Caper (flashback only) (non-speaking role)

Banish That Banshee

My Present To The Future

The Haunting Of Gizmo


Inside Out (non-speaking role)

That's No Alien

Knight Of Terror

Like Father Like Son

A Cold Winter's Night (non-speaking role)

Back To The Past (non-speaking role)

The Way You Are (non-speaking role)

Trivia Edit

  • Sir Trancelot hails from the Middle Ages, during the reign of King Arthur.
  • He occupied a Haunted Castle in England, sometime around 500 AD and kept his pet dragon Sparky there.
  • His armor was extremely susceptible to rust. Far more so than regular metal as it happens almost immediately. Prime Evil utilizee this fact to douse Sir Tranceleot with water as a punitive measure for failure.
  • On occasion, Trancelot was shown to fire sleep inducing rays from his hand without the use of his Trance Lance.
  • In the episode Knight Of Terror when Trancelot loses his Trance Lance, he pulls out a spiked ball on a chain. He doesn't get to use it however, as Tracy the Gorilla uses the Trance Lance against Trancelot and sends him to sleep.