Sherif Stumbleweed
Sheriff Stumbleweed
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Pat Fraley

Stumbleweed, a good ghost, was Sheriff in the small Ghost Town called Goldmine. When Prime Evil held an Evil Ghost Convention in Goldmine, Stumbleweed and the Ghostbusters teamed up to chase Prime Evil and his minions out of town.

Personality Edit

The Sheriff is very friendly and excitable. He welcomes all visitors to his town with open arms. He is very protective of the town as well, and even stands up to Prime Evil when he tries to take over. He has very strong morals and does the right thing, even when Prime Evil threatens Sheriff Stumbleweed into working for him. Instead of doing as Prime Evil says, the sheriff tracks down the Ghostbusters for help.

Appearance Edit

Stumbleweed looks like a stereotypical prospector, with an oversized white beard, tall cowboy hat that covers his eyes, and brown overcoat and gloves. He wears his sheriff badge on his hat and carries two guns around his waist. He floats everywhere as he has no legs. Under his hat he has dark bushy eyebrows and a bald head.

History Edit

Sheriff Stumbleweed first appeared in Eddie Takes Charge

Trivia Edit


Sheriff Stumbleweed

Sheriff Stumbleweed

Stumbleweed and Dematerializer

Stumbleweed and Dematerializer

If I could just borrow your hat

Jake: If I could just borrow your hat?

Why sure

Tumbleweed: Why, sure.

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