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Shades Of Dracula
Episode Number Dvd 36
Production Number 68036
Directed By Bill Nunes
Story By Fred Ladd
Written By Fred Ladd
Bob Forward
Date First Aired 10/27/1986
Animation Company Filmation

Shades Of Dracula


Jake Kong Jr.

Eddie Spenser Jr.

Tracy the Gorilla

Ghost Buggy

Jessica Wray

Count Dracula

The Countess


Lord Mayor

Cameraman (non-speaking role)

Futura (moral only)

Ghost Command ItemsEdit



Equipment UsedEdit

Ghost Dematerializer

Spectre Shades

Plot Edit


  • The red bat that Dracula turns into is identical to the character model of Drac's bat form from The Groovie Goolies.
  • Dracula plays "Toccata en Fuga in d-moll (BWV 565)" by Johann Sebastian Bach on his organ (which sounds like a synthesizer).


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