Sassella the Witch
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Susan Blu

Sassella was a green skinned witch who offered her help to Prime Evil and his Ghostly Horde on Halloween 1986. Using her magical stopwatch, she turned back time and regressed her age to that of a five year old child - while retaining her adult mind. She then promised to do the same to the Ghostbusters (who would also regress mentally to five-year olds) so that Prime Evil and his ghosts could scare them out of wanting to become Ghostbusters when they grew up.

Sent through the Scareway by way of the Bone Troller, Sassella held up her part of the bargain. Now Prime EVil and co had exactly one hour to scare the young Ghostbusters out of their wits. When they failed to do so, thanks to the intervention of the senior Ghostbusters, Prime Evil blamed Sassella for the failure of her plan. But she rightfully retorted that he souldn't blame her spell for him being unable to scare a couple of kids.


Sassella made her only appearance in the episode Back To The Past.


Back To The Past


Sassella before
Sassella After

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