Rubber Duck

in case one ends up in flowing water

Punctured Ducky
Appeared in Ghostbusters

The Rubber Duckies were part of the Ghostbusters survival gear inside their Ghost Packs. They were purchased by Eddie Spenser Jr., who was supposed to buy life jackets for all three ghostusters, but found Rubber Duckies on sale instead.

Jake Kong Jr. and Jessica Wray did not know about the Rubber Ducks in Jake's backpack until they needed to use it after falling into a moat under a haunted castle in Limbo Land, where they were lured to by entering a magic painting.

Eddie's Rubber Duckie came in handy once again when he fell into a river during a water bound chase after Benny and Clyde in the Mountainside.


The rubber Duck first appeared in the episode Really Roughing It.


Although Eddie's Rubber Ducky first appeared in the episode Really Roughing It, chronologically its first appearance should be in The Haunted Painting


Really Roughing It

The Haunted Painting


Rubber Duck Romance
Eddie's rubber duck

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