various robotic tasks

Surprised Robollo's
Appeared in Ghostbusters

The Robollo's were robots invented by Doctor Morrow in the future. They could fly under their own power and be programmed to fulfil numerous tasks. When Eddie Spenser Jr. pushed a wrong button a Robollo control box, the Robollo grabbed Eddie and started spinning him around.

This incident inspired Prime Evil to send Scared Stiff and Fib-Face to the future to reprogramme the Robollo's to destory Ghost Command. Once they were reprogrammed, there was no way for Morrow to turn them back.

The battle moved back in their own time, the future, where the Robollo's used another of Morrow's invention against their creator and the Ghostbusters: the Sleepy Time Generator. With this machine, they captured Morrow, Jake Kong Jr. and Tracy the Gorilla in bubbles that put them to sleep.

However, Futura and Eddie managed to evade the Robollo's and turned the tide against them, also with use of the Sleepy Time Bubbles.


The Robollo's first appeared in the episode The Haunting Of Gizmo.


Robollo vs Eddie
Robollo bathtub
Robollo Ansabone
Sleepy Robots

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