Appeared in Ghostbusters

Several Robo-Ghosts were conjured up by Prime Evil when the Ghostbusters literaly broke into Hauntquarters through a wall to rescue young Corky and his friend Tony.

Several Robo-Ghosts were swiftly sent back to Limbo by Jake Kong Jr. using his Ghost Dematerializer, and Tracy the Gorilla used his mighty strength to pick up one of the Robo-Ghosts and hurl it at Beast and Beak, thereby taking out two thirds of the Terrible Three.

When Prime Evil destroyed Jake's Dematerializer with a blast from his index finger, Ghost Buggy came to the rescue and drove back the remaining Robo-Ghosts so the Ghostbusters, the kids and Jessica Wray could board Buggy to make their escape.


The Robo-Ghosts made their only appearance in the episode The Fourth Ghostbuster.


The Robo-Ghosts used the same character model as the Robot Guards from the episode Scareplane.


The Fourth Ghostbuster


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