To lock up enemies forever

Appeared in Ghostbusters

The Rib-Cage was a place to hold prisoners inside Hauntquarters. Prime Evil built it to keep prisoners locked up forever. He never expected to get locked up in it himself one day.

When Big Evil took over Hauntquarters, he placed Prime Evil, Jake Kong Jr. and Eddie Spenser Jr. in it and left Scared Stiff to guard them.

While Haunter distracted Scared Stiff, Tracy the Gorilla attempted to open the door to the cage with a skeleton key, but found the lock had rusted shut. However, when Prime Evil called Tracy a 'Big Ape', the gorilla lost his temper and pulled the entire door off.


A Friend In Need

Prime Evil's Good Deed


Rib-Cage bars
Rib-Cage interior
Rib-Cage Tracy loses his temper

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