Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Alan Oppenheimer

Rexacor lived deep inside the Earth's core in CoreWorld. Together whith his daughter Corrine, he was off on a camping trip when Prime Evil came to CoreWorld and extinguished the CoreSun with the wave of a dark jewel. This caused the Rock Golem to awaken from their stone form and capture all of Rexacor's people.

Rexacor took it upon himself to rescue his people. Although Corrine wanted to help, her father told her to stay behind in safety. On his own, Rexacor was no match for the mighty Stone Golem, but luckilly for him, the Ghostbusters and Futura arrived just in time to help him out of the Golem's stone clutches.

Having decided to team up, Tracy the Gorilla adjusted Rexacor's preferred weapon, his Jack-Bow and substatially increased it's power. When Rexacor mounted an attack on the slave camp to rescue his people, he found himself being rescued by Corrine and her new mount, a Turbodactyl she called Pturbie. He later used Corrine's Quadra-Staff to escape from prison and save Tracy. Together with the Ghostbusters, CoreWorld was freed, Prime Evil defeated and the Stone Golems returned to stone.

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History Edit

Rexacor first appeared in the episode Inside Out.


Inside Out

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Rexacore and Corrine
Caught by Tracy
Rexacore and his Jack-Bow
Souped up Jack-Bow

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