Retro Corker

plugs retro exhausts with cork

Retro Corker
Appeared in Ghostbusters

Retro Corker was a device invented by Tracy the Gorilla which he stored in his Ghostpack during missions. It was used to simultaneously fire two corks attached to strings to plug the retro exhaust pipes on a moving vehicle the Ghostbusters were pursuing, namely Fangster's Scare Scooter. Once the strings attached to the corks was pulled taut, Tracy's strength holding on to the Retro Corker was enough to stop the Scare Scooter in it's tracks.


Once the exhausts of his vehicle had been plugged, Fangster, despite his impressive physique, found it difficult to remove the two corks from the pipes. When he finally managed to pull them loose, the two corks appeared to have doubled in size compaired to when they were fired out of the Retro Corker by Tracy. Furthermore the strings had disappeared.


The Retro Corker first appeared in the episode Doggone Werewolf.


Retros corked
Corkes removed from retros

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