René LaLump
René LaLump
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Pat Fraley

René LaLump was a reporter for a Paris Newspaper. He attempted to interview Tracy the Gorilla when the Ghostbusters visited Paris, France to take part in a Children's Festival parade together with Horatio eagle. But the interview was cut short when Screamer used a pair of scissors to cut of a lock of Tracy's hair.

The next day, LaLump decided to keep his eye on 'Monsieur' Tracy after he was accused of breaking into La Louvre. LaLump managed to snap a couple of photographs of Tracy's evil counterpart kidnapping Peewee the baby panda. However, René failed to notice that Tracy's double had one distinguishing feature that the real Tracy lacked: a white hand.

The Ghostbusters managed to clear Tracy's name and capture the fake gorilla. After they returned home, René wrote them a letter offering his appologies for falsely accusing Tracy the Gorilla.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

History Edit

René LaLump first appeared in the episode Going Ape.


Going Ape

Trivia Edit

René La Lump sports the same kind of bushy moustache as his fellow Frenchmen Inspector Cushette; the Painter; the Security Guard and the Gendarme in this episode.


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