Race Official
Race Official
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Pat Fraley

The Race Official announced the start of the Around the World Race at the Evening Express building. The winner of the race would receive a grand pize of 25.000 dollars, sponsored by the Nightly News.

Before the start, the Official explained the rules: a yellow post with a button on top was placed at each stop in the race. Racers were oblidged to touch the button. Just as the Official was about to fire off the starting shot, Hot Rod rode up to the starting line driving Beastly Buggy, and asked if you could still enter the race. The Official allowed it and fired the starting shot. As the cars made ready to go, Jessica Wray, who was standing beside the Race Official, asked Hot Rod who his sponsor was. The answer: Prime Evil.

The Race Official and Jessica were present at the finish line in San Francisco. The Ghostbusters, driving Ghost Buggy won the race fair and square and received the prize money from the Race Official, which they planned to give to the School for the Blind.

The Official awarded a medallion to Ghost Buggy, who, together with Eddie Spenser Jr. had fallen asleep after the exhausting race.

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History Edit

The Race Official first appeared in the episode The Beastly Buggy.


The Beastly Buggy

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Jessica Pointing
Race Official

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