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Quiver and Quake close-up
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Alan Oppenheimer

Quiver was one of Prime Ordeal's serving robots together with Quake. Quiver had the light blue coloring. Their main task appeared to be carrying her luggage around. Quiver and Quake were of the same model robot as Scared Stiff and all three of them were old acquaintances. These robots were not particularly sturdy, since they had the tendency to fall apart. However, they were always able to put quickly themselves back together.

Quiver, Quake and Scared Stiff were particularly amused to learn about Prime Evil's nickname, 'Itchy'.


Quiver first appeared in the episode Outlaw In-Laws.


Outlaw In-Laws


Scared Stiff Quiver and Quake
Fallen Apart

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