multi-purpose staff

Appeared in Ghostbusters

The Quadrastaff was the weapon of choice used by Corrine and occasionally her father Rexacor, who lived deep inside the Earth's CoreWorld. The weapon was had several purposes. Besides being a walking staff, the top of the staff could take on several different forms and functions.

For instance, when Corrine threw the Quadrastaff at one of the Golem Soldiers, the top half acted like a lasso and wrapped itself around the Golem's legs, tripping it. During another battle, Rexacor made the top of the staff turn into a spring-coil. This gave him the posibility to bounce on the ground after jumping through a window with the staff and knock out a Golem Guard that had captured Tracy the Gorilla.


The Quadrastaff was first used in the episode Inside Out.


Throw the Quadra-Staff

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