Turby Trapped
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Pat Fraley

Pturbie was a young Pturbodactyl that lived deep inside the Earth's core in CoreWorld. Not yet full-grown, he was about eight feet long and had a sixteen-foot wingspan. The creature got trapped in a series of vines. Luckilly, a young girl called Corrine found the creature, rescued it and gave it the name Pturbie. Riding on Pturbie's back, Corrine joined the battle against the Golem and managed to save her father using her Quadrastaff.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

History Edit

Pturbie first appeared in the episode Inside Out.


Inside Out

Trivia Edit

The letter 'p' in Pturbie and Pturbodactyl is silent.


Corrine and Beaky
Throw the Quadra-Staff

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