Promo Pilot
Animation Company Filmation

The Promo Pilot was to promote the series.


Jake Kong Jr.

Eddie Spenser Jr.

Tracy the Gorilla

Ghost Buggy

Jessica Wray

Prime Evil


Scared Stiff




Equipment UsedEdit

Ghost Dematerializer

Ghost Gummer

Highlights Edit

During the opening sequence used in the series, the word GHOSTBUSTERS at one point rushes across the screen from right to left. It is somewhat inexplicably followed by a bouncing FGB logo with an angry expression on its face. This logo's presence is explained in the original version of the sequence: We first see the Ghostbuggy racing across the screen from left to right. It is being chased by the word GHOSTBUSTERS and the bouncing-ball logo. Then, Jake, Eddie, and Tracy run across from right to left, again with the word and logo chasing them.

Trivia Edit

Two versions of the title sequence were used for each version of the promo reel.

The first, seen in the main screencap, features the "worried ghost logo" and has the words "GHOST BUSTERS" (two words, like the live-action show) stacked and featured in a more conventional typeface. The way the words appeared on the screen was different as well. The theme tune is stripped down as well.

The second, featured on the DVD, uses the standard opening theme, with "smiling ghost logo" and the word "GHOSTBUSTERS" (now one word) in an italicized typeface with speed lines going across it.

Clips are used from the episodes The Looking-Glass Warrior, Statue of Liberty, The Ransom Of Eddie Spenser and most prominently The Headless Horseman Caper.


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Presentation of Filmation's Ghostbusters Order I'll Be A Son of a Ghostbuster (Part I)

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