Professor Von Ziflin
Professor Von Zifflin
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Alan Oppenheimer

Professor Von Ziflin had a laboratory in San Francisco. There he had placed a recently discovered dinosaur egg in a specially built incubation chamber. He had already come to the conclusion that the dinosaur inside the egg was a brontosaurus.

Haunter stole the egg while Jessica Wray and her newsteam were interviewing the professor but the Ghostbusters managed to retrieve it. Afterwards, Von Ziflin announced that the egg would be hatching within the hour and admitted that he had no idea what to feed the baby nor how to raise it properly. He then wondered if there was only some way to take the egg back in time.

So, the Ghostbusters used the time turbo in Ghost Buggy to take the egg back to prehistoric San Francisco just in time before it hatched.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

Professor Von Ziflin spoke with a German accent.

History Edit

Professor von Ziflin first appeared in the episode Dynamite Dinosaurs.


Dynamite Dinosaurs

That's No Alien

The Curse Of The Diamond Of Gloom

Trivia Edit

Professor Von Ziflin has a pilot licence. He is seen piloting a helicopter in The Curse Of The Diamond Of Gloom. However, in the same episode, Von Ziflin admits that he never learned how to swim.


Jessica and the Professor
Professor Von Zifflin

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