Prince Otis
Prince Otis
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Alan Oppenheimer

Prince Otis of Petronia called the Ghostbusters in for help on the eve of his corronation. For the past ten years, the Petronian Royal Crown had been kept hidden in England's Tower of London. But now that Otis was about to be crowned King of Petronia, the crown was to be returned to his country. However, the Royal Secret Service overhead a radio transmission from Prime Evil, indicating that the ghost wanted to steal the Royal Crown and become ruler of Petronia himself. Therefore, Prince Otis asked the Ghostbusters to make sure the Crown made te trip to his country save and sound.

The Kingdom of of Petronia was very poor, and Otis had sent Duke Fenwick to sell the royal jewels, including the famous Star Diamond, the Princes most prized posession, to exchange it for food and clothing for his people. The Ghostbusters were unable to stop Haunter and Mysteria from stealing the Royal Crown and the Star Diamond and chased them all the way from London to Petronia, including a spell on the Orient Express.

After finally arriving at their destination, they took the Royal items from Prime Evil's ghosts and send them to back to Hauntquarters using their Ghost Dematerializer. When Prince Otis told them he would be making plans to sell the jewels, Jake Kong Jr. surprised him by telling himthe sale was unnecessary. For along the way, the Ghostbusters had discovered that the area leading up to Petronia, Haunted Mountain, was almost entirely made up out of solid gold. The Prince was glad to learn he would be able to feed and clothe his people, as well as build schools and libraries. He offered to buy the Ghostbusters whatever they wanted as a reward, but Jake declined. Although Tracy the Gorilla would have liked to receive a banana tree and Eddie Spenser Jr. rattled off a whole list of presents he would like to receive.


Prince Otis first appeared in the epsidode Train To Doom-De-Doom-Doom.


Train To Doom-De-Doom-Doom


Otis on the Phone

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