Prime Ordeal
Prime Ordeal
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Susan Blu

Prime Ordeal was the elder sister of Prime Evil. She always referred to her little brother by the nickname 'Itchy' ever since that time he had poison ivy. Hearing the name would always cause Prime Evil to start itching all over his body. She had a young son, who'm she lovingly referred to as Snookums.

Prime Ordeal employed two robot ghost servants that were aquantances of Scared Stiff, called Quiver and Quake.

When Prime Ordeal and Snookums paid an unexpected visit to Hauntquarters, they ruined Prime Evil's evil plot to take over the earth using the Spectral Amplifier to amplify Belfry's sonic blast.


Prime Ordeal first appeared in the episode Outlaw In-Laws.


Outlaw In-Laws



Prime Siblings
Itchy Evil

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