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Prime Evil
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Alan Oppenheimer

Prime Evil was the self appointed leader of ghosts. Prime Evil resided at Hauntquarters somewhere in the Fifth Dimension/Ghost Limbo.


He was by all accounts a nasty, evil ghost with a dominating personality. He sometimes made an extremely harsh electrical static sound while he spoke. Prime Evil tended to be petty and unforgiving and had no tolerance for failure with his underlings. He was also known for creatively punishing said ghostly minions' failures in delightfully karmic ways. For example, in "The Headless Horseman Caper," Fangster receives Vampire Fleas for his failure. At other times, though, he'd simply zap them to a pile of dust.


Prime Evil looked like a cyborg version of Skeletor in flowing, scarlet robes. He had a Jacob's Ladder in lieu of actual teeth; it sparked when he's especially angry.

Several episodes depict Prime as being nothing more than a robe with head and arms attached!


He drove Jake Kong family to close a mine they had (from episode "The Headless Horseman Caper"). Prime Evil's first encounter with the Ghostbusters happened as the Senior Ghostbusters were training the next Ghostbusters in the mine. Prime Evil ended up trapped in the mines locked vault 100 years along with Brat-A-Rat. However, he eventually managed to get out after lying to Belfry by telling him he was a trapped bat.

Abilities Edit

Prime Evil is described in Our Buddy Fuddy as one of the greatest wizards who ever lived, second only to Merlin. His powers are indeed great; in most episodes he's completely immune to the Ghost Dematerializer. He's even shown to have the power to rematerialize his henchmen who've been affected by the weapon, although he often chooses to delay doing this out of sheer spite.


  • In the original concept sketches, Prime Evil was designed as a more traditional Grim Reaper-type figure, or at least strongly inspired by Mumm-Ra from Thundercats.
  • Prime Evil has an overbearing sister named Prime Ordeal (Who calls him "Itchy") and a bratty nephew, whom his sister only refers to as "Snookums".


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