President of the World Federation
President of the World Federation
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Peter Cullen

The President of the World Federation appeared to be in charge of the entire planet Earth in the 24th Century. He welcomed the first alien to visit Earth on a mountain which had been equiped with stadium bleachers for a large audience in the year 2340.

Unaware that the actual alien ministers had been replaced by Prime Evil and several of his ghosts, the President reluctantly agreed to alter his the planned tour and allow them to visit the Global Energy Station.

Soon, Scared Stiff and Fangster took hold of the station's controls and sent the President and his dignitaries running for their lives. However, the Ghostbusters and Futura, who had travelled into the future and managed to rescue the real alien visitors, arrived on the scene and defeated Prime Evil's ghosts.

Afterwards, The President of the World Federation was finally able to greet the actual first aliens to visit Earth as the Ghostbusters and Furura took their leave.



The President of the World Federation first appeared in the episode That's No Alien.


That's No Alien


Prime Alien
President and Aide light reflection

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