Phantom of Vaudeville
Appeared in The Ghost Busters episode"The Dummy's Revenge"
Played by Tim Herbert

Phantom of Vaudeville is in the episode The Dummy's Revenge. He has a dummy named Elmo which he talks to through out the episode. But the question still remains: who is the dummy, and who is the puppeteer? The world may never know...


A bitter man, the Phantom of Vaudeville seeks revenge on music-hall performers Slapsy, Maxie and Nijinsky (a man in a gorilla suit). Tracy's existence leads the Phantom to mistake the Ghost Busters for his foes. He even goes as far as attempting to remove Tracy's "gorilla suit," which fails miserably.

Physical DescriptionEdit

The Phantom is a man in his mid-to-late fifties with gray/silver hair and moustache. He wears a black domino mask over his eyes a la The Lone Ranger, and he is dressed in the typical vaudeville outfit of velvet jacket, checkered pants, soft shoes, and straw boater. He sometimes carries a bamboo cane, which he performs tricks with.

Special notesEdit

He is clearly a riff on Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera, from his motivation (revenge on Slapsy, Maxie and Nijinsky for ruining his act) to the method of dispatching him (the only way to get rid of a Phantom is to unmask him).

Elmo is, of course, a pastiche of Edgar Bergen's Charlie McCarthy act.

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