Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Pat Fraley

The Phantom of the Big Apple invited Jessica Wray to the 13th floor of his New York skyscraper. She thought he could explain to her why ghost were turning up all over New York City. But the Phantom planned to show her how he was going to scare the city out of its wits. Secondly, he wanted to use Jessica's television show to tell the city to surrender.

When Jessica objected to having her show used for the Phantom's purposes and attempted to escape, Phantom sent his henchmen, Benny & Clyde to capture her. The Phantom's plan involved sending ghosts through the subways to haunt all over New York, then take over the city when it's inhabitants became too frightenend to come out of their apartments. He also instructed the Tooth Scaries to cut the Brooklyn Bridge in half using their teeth, to stop anyone from entering the city.

The Ghostbusters captured the Tooth Scaries before the Brooklyn Bridge was destroyed, and found Phantom's Skyscraper by homing in on Jessica's Ghost Beeper signal. Phantom, Benny & Clyde tried to escape in his Crookcopter, but Tracy the Gorilla used the Spectre Snare to catch the copter by a line, after which Jake Kong Jr. used the Ghost Dematerializer to dematerialize the vehicle and it's inhabitants. The Phantom could be heard crying 'I'll be back' just before disapearing into the other dimension.

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Phantom first appeared in the episode The Phantom Of The Big Apple.


The Phantom Of The Big Apple

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Phantom's men
Phantom instructs Benny

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