Outlaw Ghosts
Outlaw Ghosts
Appeared in Ghostbusters
Voiced by Erik Gunden, Pat Fraley

Two Outlaw Ghosts who were imprisoned for their crimes on the Phantom Prison Planet, struck a deal with ghost pirate Harpoon to guard Harpoon's prisoner, Captain Ahab.

Futura, Jessica Wray and Time Hopper managed to rescue Ahab by allowing themselves to be taken captive by the Outlaws and brought to the place Ahab was being kept. They managed to outsmart the outlaws as well as Swab, one of Harpoon's pirates, and free Ahab.


  • Pat Fraley's voice for one of the two Outlaw Ghosts is the same he would later use to voice BraveStarr in the Filmation series of the same name.


The Outlaw Ghosts first appeared in the episode The White Whale.


The White Whale


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