Noah Kong
Appeared in Ghostbusters-Statue of Liberty
Like Father Like Son(Cameo)
Voiced by Alan Oppenheimer

Noah Kong is the grandpa of the Ghostbuster Jake Kong Jr., and likewise father of Jake Kong Sr. Not much is known of his past except that he is not a natural born USA citizen, but an immigrant from Sweden. In the episode Like Father Like Son it was revealed that his name was Noah Kong as the picture looks a great deal like him.


He seems to not know a great deal about ghostbusting, but believes in his grandson, and seems to be a very positive man. He talks with a Swedish accent.


He seems to dress in a normal suit, and has a bald head with a white mustache.


Noah Kong as shown in a photo album changed into a werewolf


He is a immigrant that becomes a official USA citizen in episode "Statue of Liberty". However, its never explained why Clint Kong was in the west in the USA while Noah was an immigrant. Perhaps his family moved away from the USA or Clint was only visiting the USA to take advantage of the country's unprecedented system of free enterprise..


Statue of Liberty

The Phantom Of The Big Apple (mentioned only)

The Princess And The Troll (mentioned only)

Like Father Like Son (mentioned and picture shown only)



The picture of Great Grandfather Kong's family that is shown at the start of the flashback in The Headless Horseman Caper shows a young child wearing a long batism dress. This means it could be either a boy or a girl. One can therefore presume that the baby is Noah Kong.

Great Grandfather