To travel through time

Jewel removal
Appeared in Ghostbusters

Futura used a MultiGem set in her necklace for various purposes, including traveleling through time and space with it insead of using her Time Hopper.

She could also combine the power of the MultiGem with that of Jake's Ghost Dematerializer to boost it's power and send Prime Evil and Brat-A-Rat back to Hauntquarters.

In the episode Laser And Future Rock, Futura uses her MultiGem to travel through time and to enhance her powers, but this time she wore it on a necklace tucked into her outfit instead of in a choker around her neck.

In the episode Inside Out, the MultiGem automatically made a sound recording when Futura was knocked out by Prime Evil, enabling her to learn his intentions.


Futura first used her MultiGem in Witch's Stew


Witch's Stew

Laser And Future Rock

Inside Out


Jewel removal
Jewel time traveling
Jewel combined
Jewel just out of reach

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